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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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status of those bills and you all got that report. the pe exemption discussion that we have already taken up here and then we talked about -- we had the legislative advocates here and again, i urge all members of the board and the public to attend these meetings. because we are getting unbelievable service from our legislative advocates. so if you want to hear opinions from the best lobbyists and former state superintendents sometimes and former very important staffers in the capitol, that is the place to hear those in our rules committee. so they gave us their rundown on the results of the legislative committee and of the election. and of the likelihood of sort of what is being discussed in sacramentoo about what will happen with the so-called
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supermajority that the democracies democrats have and what is happening after prop 30? that people in capitol seem dobto be deluded that we have a lot of new money and that we have to be prepared for that. also, i think the most important part is that we're developing agenda for what sfusd wants to accomplish legislatively in the coming session, in the coming year. so in this draft form it was given to all members of the board, but we should discuss that at sometime with the whole board i think. we also had the review of the informational items that you see there, the third and fourth one. one was the policy on the community relations policy. this was our rules committee work on the next part of the rules and policy review that
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we're doing with csba and we'll continue to do that. last item i think is very important and ask the leaders of the board next year to be a little more assertive at asking all of the committees to which we have referred other components of the policy manual to actually begin to review them. the rules committee still has work to do on the 1000 series and one other series. we're not ready, but we're at least doing it whereas other committees to my knowledge has not taken up, et cetera. so i would ask that we do that in the coming year. thank you. >> thank you. next report is the augmented curriculum and program committee of december 3, reporting would be commissioner fewer. >> thank you, president yee and i'm sure you are going to miss these meetings and report outs. [ laughter ] we had a follow-up on the parent involvement policy and actually i was very
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impressed and think that commissioners were also impressed at the outreach that staff has done to encompass and ensure that our parent advisory committee and also our office of parent engagement have been a partner in this and wholly approve of the language. it really does encompass more the spitzer of what we want to do around here with parent engagement. thanks to staff. and an update on the common learning assessments, which i think and i believe there are materials in every commissioner's box to review on this and thank you to jackano for the excellent presentation. >> thank you. next one is report from the committee of the whole. on december 4th. commissioner norton. >> yes, we had a very robust discussion -- well, first we
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had a wonderful presentation of a video done by the students at hillcrest elementary. to gangnam style all on inclusion. it was wonderful. it's eventually going to be loaded on the school district website, but they have to get the releases signed and that is taking quite a bit of time. we had a really great discussion on the district's work for professional development towards inclusive practices and response to behavioral rti. and also a recap on the a-g action plan with respect to the class of 2014. and it was a great-- although, very long evening. >> thank you for the short report though. i think this last one, report from the augmented budget and business services committee from december 5, commissioner mendoza. >> thank you.
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we had our usually resolutions that we have been reviewing, ming lee providered a state update, which basically said we won't know anything until january what the governor update, federal budget update and the impact of sequestration was another piece that we spoke about. you know, still kind of up in the air. and then the budget development calendar for '13-14 he reviewed and some of the key areas that we'll need discussion on the timeline of the budget. we wanted to thank the board members in the "things that you want to talk about," during our budget process and we'll be incorporating those topics in our discussions. as you know, there is a lot of different things that are happening on a variety of
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different budgets that will impact us deeply over the next two years. so we want to continue to have these conversations earlier rather than later. so i just wanted to appreciate the staff that helped to support this committee, because there is a lot of moving parts. and so in the next coming months, we will be really focused on the changes particularly around prop 30, and some of the priorities that we're going to have to make in the coming months. thank you. >> thank you commissioner mendoza. so this brings us to item t -- are we finished? let's see i probably shouldn't try to skip this, but board
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delegates to membership organizations nsba, csba, cgcs and we are already heard that we had a great conference with the csba in san francisco. were there other things that people needed to report? commissioner norton? >> i just want to recognize commissioner wynns, which we sort of do earlier in the meeting. it was her conference for csba. it was a great conference and learned a lot. at the january 8th meeting we're going to try to show the video shown at the delegate assembly, honoring commissioner wynns and we're endeavoring to get that from csba. you also gave a great speech and i don't know if you have the text, that you could share with board members because was a greater speech. thank you. >> any other reports? seeing none, item t. report of closed session
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actions. this is a closed session action of december 12th, 2012 the board of education approved by a vote of six ayes and one absent y yes, the program of one program administrator and one supervisor. in the matter of bs versus sfusd. [ laughter ] sorry. the board of education by a vote of 6 ayes and one absent, yee, who didn't deal with bs, [ laughter ] authorized the district to attempt to negotiate a settlement of specified term. board of education approved by a vote of six ayes and one absent yee a settlement agreement and certified discipline case in which the district dismisses the accusation and the employee agreed to specified discipline. other u, other informational items? no other staff reports
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and in adjournment tonight -- . one more information -- i can't end yet. >> sorry president yee, we just want to extend your last meeting. [ laughter ] i just want to -- i would be remiss if we didn't mention that this thursday december 13th, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at city hall, we will be celebrating with all of our schools and school communities, teachers, parents, principals, the fact that sfusd is one of only two large urban school systems in the state of california to have surpassed the 800 api mark. [ applause ] so we're tremendously proud of our students and teachers and communities and principals. so we're going to get together and celebrate. and we're going to celebrate that, but we're also going to recognize schools that are on
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the move, schools that are closing the achievement gap for african-american and latino students and those with growth. so there will be lots of celebrating going on and we're going to recommitment to closing the achievement gap. because, as much as we're going to celebrate, we're also going to be very clear about the fact that we have a long way to go, but that we have the right people on the bus and the bus is heading in the right direction and we're going to add some gas to the bus on thursday. so we want to invite everybody to come and join us. >> can i just one thing? i just want to recognize the district and the superintendent for doing this. this is perfect. it's spectacular. i have been asking for something like this, i think for ten years. since i saw that other districts did things of this nature. i think it's great not so much because i like it, but because -- >> you do like it. >> i do. i love it.
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this kind of primary outreach marketing and communication tool that we need with the general public. so thank you very much. >> commissioner fewer. >> president yee, if i may add onto to superintendent carranza's announcement i'm respectfully asking the pac and to extend a warm work for advisory committees and cac to make sure all of our partners are involved in this achievement. >> commissioner fewer i agree with you in terms of outreach. i was always envious of the other districts and we never had anything. so i want to close this meeting tonight and just one last word that i will miss you all. sitting here with you and you will see enough of me. don't worry. the meeting is adjourned.
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